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  • Saturday, September 18, 2004

    Only online

    This blog gives me a chance to write about things that don't get into print...

    Backstage with Tweet
    Through the silver veiled VIP section on the animal print couches, I had a one-on-one with Missy Elliott's protege, Tweet.

    It was Friday night, backstage at the San Jose's Ambassador club during the
    Seagram's Gin Live tour. The club was hopping. It made me think twice - am I still in San Jose? There wasn't even room to walk, more less dance. Usually with clubs, San Jose is like a playa with girls - too many come through, but none stays.

    It was the first night of the 24-city month-long tour, and management kept waffling on whether I could do an interview. But, Tweet was obliging.The 33-year-old mother of a 14-year-old was tiny - trendy in a black beret and baby doll dress. She had to first meet the tour promoters, and so was a little tired and hoarse. Plus, Cee-Lo was still performing on stage, so we could hardly hear each other. We had to practically hug to do the interview (I was worried about my potential garlicky breath from the stuffed mushrooms I ate), but Tweet was sweet.

    On San Jose: "It's cool. I'm mad that I couldn't go and hang out."
    On the fans: "They were amazing. I've been gone for so long, I was worried that they wouldn't remember me, but the crowd was so accepting." Her last big hit was in 2002 - the club single "Oops (Oh My!)"

    Why it took her so long to come back: "I have been working on the album and had to push it back because of the labels merging. Now I'm on Atlantic." The album, "It's Me Again," is set to come out either January or November depending on how her two upcoming singles do. One of them, has a real bouncing basketball-like beat: "Sports, Sex and Food"

    Beastie Boys

    They still got it -
    (my review of the sold out SF show at the Bill Graham Civic Aud.) though what I found ironic was at BFD this past summer, Adam Yauch, aka MCA, had very white hair, and looked too old to be still relevant - this time, his hair looked like it was dyed brown.

    I had general seating (which means standing room only), so not only did I get squished out of my mind, somebody spilled beer on me. My thought of the night: I would have a bettter time at concerts if I was a big tall and burly man - that way no one would mess with me.

    Norah Jones

    I interviewed her today, and she said she spent a greater part of the day interviewing. She had debated whether or not to take a bath at the same time, but worried that the interviewers (mostly male) would take it as something sexual - when all girls know that being on the phone and bathing is common. At the end of the interview I told her to have a great bath to which she answered, thanks, I think I'll take it right now.


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